What is bbdock ? bbdock displays one or more PNG icons in the BlackBox/FluxBox slit from which you can launch the corresponding applications. It is pretty similar in function and appearance to bbbutton which you might want to try if you are reading this on a display with a color-depth below 16 bits. How to compile Since you are reading this I assume you already unpacked the archive into some directory. ./configure make su make install For more options try ./configure --help You need X11 libraries & headers and libpng-devel. If anything fails, just drop me a line at mf@markusfisch.de ;-) Configuration You may invoke bbdock either with your icons specified on command line or simply create a short configuration file (.bbdockrc) in your home directory. The syntax for a command-line-argument or a line in the configuration file is equal: IMAGEFILE:COMMAND[:WINDOWTITLE;[:IDLE]] IMAGEFILE - should be path and filename of some PNG icon COMMAND - a script or binary to execute WINDOWTITLE - is a semicolon-seperated list of case-insensitive window-titles of corresponding application-windows. Those strings may contain wildcard characters (* and/or ?) to exclusively identify a window. By providing this list you make the icon exclusive to one instance of course. Clicking on already launched icons will raise the corresponding window instead of invoking a new instance. IDLE - idle time after triggering one icon in miliseconds, instead of using numbers you may also use the terms "lame" (~ 10 s), "slow" (~ 5 s), "fast" (~ 500 ms) or "fastest" (~ 250 ms) For example, run it from command line this way: $ bbdock "~/.icons/firefox.png:firefox:*Firefox" Sample out of a ~/.bbdockrc: ~/.icons/terminal.png:xterm::1 ~/.icons/firefox.png:firefox:*Firefox To start by configuration file, just run bbdock. Type "bbdock -h" for a detailed view of general options. Requirement The images should be not much greater than 48x48 pixels and must be in PNG format. Use images with transparency to get the most out of it. You need libpng-devel to compile this software. The raise-window function is only available to window managers which implement the EWMH specification. Bugs Currently there are only two known bugs you might run into: If you're using BlackBox > 0.70 you need to patch it in order to make it work correctly. Just insert the following code after line 250 into blackbox-0.70.0/src/Slit.cc and recompile BlackBox: if ((texture.texture() & bt::Texture::Gradient) && frame.pixmap) XSetWindowBackgroundPixmap(display, frame.window, frame.pixmap); else if ((texture.texture() & bt::Texture::Solid)) XSetWindowBackground(display, frame.window, texture.color1().pixel(screen->screenNumber())); FluxBox < 0.9 may fail to raise applications that are exclusive. Update to FluxBox 0.9 to fix this problem. Links bbdock - http://bbdock.nethence.com BlackBox - http://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net/ FluxBox - http://www.fluxbox.org/ BBButton - http://www.angelfire.com/theforce/button/ wmctrl - http://sweb.cz/tripie/utils/wmctrl/ Licencing See the COPYING file Authors See the AUTHORS file